Sunday, 25 November 2012


My lords, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, willkommen et bienvenue to the grand opening, the spectacular premiere, the splendiferous ordinal pointless scribble of this here bloggy thing. Tremendous. Yes, I've finally joined the blogging internet revolution. More than a decade later than everyone else but I've joined it nonetheless. (Been kinda busy)

Were this 1998, I'd be a pioneering HTML web logger and you would be the sort of person who painted lead figures and had an X Files poster. Now that it's 2012 (I've been assured) it's perfectly normal to "blog". Its no longer just for tinfoil hat wearers or attention-seeking hipsters. Ordinary folk like you or I can do it. I mean, hey, some of my best friends are bloggers and, well, everyone is a little bit blog-curious eh?

Anyway, I imagine, dear reader, that if you are reading this (are you mad? It's paragraph three into this drivel), then you a fan of something musicky that I've been involved in or someone interested in music production. Or you're mistakenly here looking for a blog about my namesake ancestor, in which case you are in the wrong place, I'm not an English labouring class Romantic poet, I'm a floppy haired music producer from Reading. Possibly, chillingly, you're a psychotic stalker looking for more material to print out and place on your wall of hate. In which case, please don't hurt me.

I will be blogging about the various creative thingies I'm currently and historically involved in. That could be who I'm recording now, stories I can actually remember, where I'm performing whatever it is I'm performing next or updates on the bread I've been developing**. 

Right. That's it for the introduction. Well done if you made it this far. More pointless drivel to follow soon.


Bobby x

* If you want to know what I was doing in 1998, quite frankly, so do I. I'm fairly sure it involved loud repetitive noises and colours.

** This is so exciting, it involves frying wet dough to make a brand new kind of garlic naan/crumpet/muffin/paratha hybrid. Its the best thing since normal bread.